“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

– Buddah

Focus on one step at a time! 

Do you often find yourself exhausted from going through the emotions of life without any purpose, confidence and drive? Maybe you know you have a purpose but you have been on the wrong path for too long and don't know where to start? ... this is where I can assist!

​I am using tools and techniques that allow you to tap into your own resources so you can move from "feeling anxious, stuck and overwhelmed" to "living your purpose with confidence, excitement and a sense of direction!"





12 Weeks Program 

I have created this program to help you step by step to find your purpose and to create the circumstances to live it in its fullest. We will go through each block or barrier and transform it to your benefit. Every person carries a different set of beliefs which hold them back in discovering what their true purpose is. We will work closely together to help you week by week to transform your life. Not only will you be able to release old patterns, fears and beliefs but you will also create new empowering resources from within yourself so you can stay focused and motivated throughout the journey to find your purpose. Below you can find a breakdown of the 12 weeks split into 4 main categories, the specific time we would spend for each step depends on your individual needs and your unique experiences you bring into the program.

12 Weeks Breakdown

Week 1-3

Identifying Blocks & Barriers

  • Identifying your Beliefs

  • Connecting to your Subconscious Mind

  • Identifying your Resources

Week 4-6

Resolving Emotional Baggage

  • Clearing old triggers

  • Healing Emotional Wounds

  • Increasing Love & Compassion for oneself and others

Week 7-9

Tools for Your Purpose

  • Communicating with your Subconscious Mind

  • Adding New Resources

  • Discovering Your Purpose and testing it out

Week 10-12

All about Your Future

  • Creating a future Vision

  • Connecting with your future self

  • Increasing Excitement for your Future

Why 12 Weeks?

If you want long lasting change then 12 weeks of working consistently on your Mindset and behaviours can get you emotionally strengthened while you create a deeper connection with yourself and your unique needs. It is not easy to change habits and behaviours in general, and if you have ever tried to stop something or ad something new to your daily routine then you might have experienced how difficult it can be. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict your progress without knowing your situation but however slow or fast you will improve, 12 weeks is a good time-frame to help you discover your own unique purpose from the truth you carry within yourself.


Online through Skype from the comfort of your home

I have already been working with clients from the UK, Germany and Spain with great results and I am happy to add many more countries to this list – You only need a good Internet connection and a space where you can be undisturbed for the duration of our video call. 

What will you get?

  1. You will start transforming your life by creating a momentum already after your first session.

  2. Your beliefs will be challenged, not because they are wrong, but because there is a chance that they might need adjustment to support your journey.

  3. You will get tools and techniques to help you throughout the process.

  4. You will get full support by Phone/ Email/ WhatsApp & Messaging for the duration of our work together.

  5. You will get 12 Hours of Hypnosis sessions on Skype.

  6. You will get tasks to do between the sessions so you can continue the internal processes and assist your own success.

  7. You will get MP3's uniquely made for you to support your progress from the comfort of your home.